A New Start – A New State of Mind

With 3 days left until I finish my current job and start a new one a little earlier than I’d hoped for I’m contemplating my new start.

The new role undoubtedly calls for more travel than I’ve had to recently and while that travel has always been a stressful and tiring endurance in the past, I’m wondering if I can make it a time of self care while my husband looks after the kiddo, the dog and the rest of life at home.  I don’t doubt there will be hard times and I’ll miss them but maybe, just maybe, if I change my perspective, I can use all the additional travel to my advantage?

I KNOW that I’m going to be away from home for 3 of the next 4 weeks with just a weekend turnaround.  I can make sure there are clean clothes and a stocked fridge and freezer BUT instead of dreading the time away from home, what if I use it as a time to recharge my batteries, focus only on work and myself, then come home refreshed and fully present?

All the hotels I stay at have a gym.  I have only myself to look after.  Is there any reason that I cannot take advantage of this new situation so that I leave with at least some excitement and come home feeling refreshed and happy to be wife and Mummy rather than frazzled and stressed?

Airports don’t HAVE to mean lots of wine and endless boredom – what if I were to use the time to catch up on work so I don’t have to worry about it when I get home?

Hotels don’t HAVE to mean eating out and an excuse to get even fatter – I will use the time I’m not spending looking after my family to look after me….

  • I will take my gym gear and USE the gym!
  • I will take my own food – HMR travels well and I can heat it in hot water if I have to
  • I will rest and go to bed early so I’m well rested and happy to be home
  • I will NOT spend my time drinking as I have in the past.

And so, with this change in attitude maybe, just maybe, being the traveling working Mum will make me a better Mum and wife when I am home?


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